The Session 102 Announcement: The Landscape Of Beer

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. You can find more information on The Session on Brookston Beer Bulletin.


SURPRISE, SURPRISE! The Landscape of Beer in America is changing. It has even begun influencing beer in countries all around the world. Everyone has their opinion on Local vs Global, Craft vs Macro, and Love vs Business. Those who were at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in Asheville this past weekend had a brief talk about how “Small and Independent Matters”. Something that quite a few people say matters to them, but where is the upper limit? Does a purchase of another brewery still allow a brewery to fall into the Small and Independent camp?

Our topic this month is, “The Landscape of Beer“. How do you see that landscape now? What about in 5, 10, or even 20 years? A current goal in the American Craft Beer Industry is 20% market share by the year 2020. How can we get there? Can we get there?

Whether your view is realistic or whimsical, what do you see in our future? Is it something you want or something that is happening? Let us know and maybe we can help paint the future together.

Please post your response here on or before August 7th with the round-up to follow.


The Session 102 Announcement: The Landscape Of Beer

26 thoughts on “The Session 102 Announcement: The Landscape Of Beer

  1. I shared a beer with Allen 3 nights ago at White Street Brewing in Wake Forest, NC during the 2015 Beer Bloggers Conference. A really nice guy and impressive homebrewer. Looking forward to his Session!


    1. Thank You for the kind words! It was great meeting you this past week. I’m glad you got a chance to experience a few of my favorite breweries. NC has honestly impressed me with beer, even after living in CA for some time.

      I hope there is a decent turn out for The Session. I kind of jumped on it very last minute when I was trying to figure out the topic and it was missing! I didn’t really know what to do but this is where I came after putting my fingers to the keyboard.

      Thanks Again!



  2. The craft beer landscape is certainly becoming much more diverse. We’ve passed the point of just a slew of breweries opening at a brisk pace to many breweries hitting that financial or resource ceiling. And as they reach that point where they need to continue to grow but aren’t a Boston Beer Co, they end up facing gong down the Goose Island or the Firestone Walker road.

    In terms of the American Influence on the international craft beer scene I’m especially curious to see what impact Stone Brewing will have setting up shop in Berlin.

    But back here in the US everything is in flux. With local brewing laws beginning to be updated to accommodate growth and reap it’s financial rewards it’s hard to see just how big this craft beer industry can grow. And who really gets to decide where the craft beer limit in terms of production resides. Why does brewing that one extra barrel strip you of that label?

    P.S. My biggest worry is farmers won’t be able to keep up the demands of such a fast growing industry.


    1. Companies like The Boston Beer Co are growing. It’s just hard when you are that big to make your numbers look impressive. While it may seem like 1% or even lower percentage points, that’s 100,000+ barrels a year for them. Plus their other brands, Angry Orchard, Twisted Teas, etc. Are growing at impressive rates which may knock them out of the craft world if they begin to exceed their beer production.

      In the case of Firestone, I really wonder all the details. Sure, they needed the deal to expand, but they were brewing beers for Russian River, if I’m not mistaken. So what about that space? How much of that was taken?

      We had a very interesting discussion about the American beer perception in other countries in the after party of Ps & Qs but what always gets to me is when people find out I’m going to Germany. “They have the best beers in the world there!” – a matter of opinion but not a point I’m going to argue with even if my thoughts are different- “And all their beers are like 10%. Way stronger than that American stuff.”… ok, hold on. This is where I jump in. Have you not been living in this country? Not notice the exploding beer scene? Also, where did you pull this 10% figure? Who needs facts?

      I’ve discussed a lot about my option on the term craft… go back a few post, and chat with me. I have more thoughts than I put there, but yeah…. moving on lol

      Recently I have heard of tax incentives, etc for farmers who begin producing certain ingredients. We will see how that goes. Plus, being an agricultural product… that has it’s own challenges.


  3. A dica do removedor é ótima! Eu uso o RICCA. Achei meio por acaso em uma loja de cosméticos perto de casa qdo tava comprando esmaltes e resolvi esperimentar. Se vc estiver com um esmalte muito escuro fica meio manchado e demora um pouco a sair, mas é ótimo para levar na bolsa (a embalagem é bem pequena) para quando o esmalte começa a descascar no meio do horário de trabalho ou numa balada!!! E o legal é que não tem o cheiro forte como o da acetona.e o melhor, é bem baratinho!


  4. Really Ben? I guess when we speak those truest words from deep within our hearts, those who do not resonate with our story may need to leave our lives. Although I am likely waxing philosophical when you were likely sharing your wit (or would that be waxing witty?) That’s what I do. Thanks for visiting this older post of mine!


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