The Session 104: I Am Awake Now

After a late night rambling session and passing out moments within hitting the submit button, I came into realization that I may have started going somewhere, but did not finish what I started. Or really even have recollection of where I was going. But one thing still stands.TheSession

But with open eyes, ones thirsts for knowledge; with knowledge one seeks experience; and with experience, one realizes how little they really know… and to some, that is a problem that they must reconcile. – Me

During my time in Los Angeles, actually when I was leaving the city, is when I started my blog. It was something I did to learn more about beer and share my adventures. All of my post still sit over at the old url but the images that I think made them special all went away one day. It kind of broke my heart. Not that they were great post or great pictures but a piece of what connected me to the beer world was forever taken away.

When I first heard about the session, I was honestly really excited about it. It introduced me to a lot of new writers and friends. It showed me there was a lot more out there that I had to learn. It is kind of what grounded me from the never-ending spiral of badge and whale hunting. Many others that have come after me had similar experiences in both participating and reading. Would it do those of the future a disservice to discontinue The Session? Quite possibly.

There are many new groups of writers out there. I wonder if they have noticed The Session or if they thought it was an exclusive club on a quick glance just based on the names involved. I know some do not realize but if you know a name or two of the beer world; writers, brewers, drinkers, enthusiast. Not going to lie, I knew about The Session a few months before I first contributed. It was kind of that feeling that kept me from posting earlier. Not that the club seemed intimidating, it was always very welcoming, but trying to find out how I could fit into it. Or maybe they just aren’t interested.

There is no way to really tell. If it were to end, would another group pick up where it left off? Is it a matter of the topics becoming too deep? Do we just need a break? A lot of people went on without posting for a long time and picked up where they left off like nothing happened… I guess that is the freedom of not being paid to do something.

So what should happen? I feel we should keep it going. It was a while before I last contributed when I saw there was no host just a few months ago and made something up on the fly. This last month, the host was not even sure she was capable of hosting until she got some annoying little bug in her ear, and this month. Well, it could not die just yet. A lot of people look to blogs for entertainment, news, ideas, learning, and various other reasons. Let us all breathe life back into this project.


The Session 104: I Am Awake Now

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