The (Quarantine Edition) Session: Where Are You At?

This is post is in response to The Session topic presented by Fuggled.

As the days draw on, I sit here wondering how the rest of the year is going to shape up. My day to day life has not made a drastic change. I am both more and less busy while having an increase in working hours. Catching up on podcast during my commute on a completely clear highway is going to be one of the most missed aspects of our time moving through the unknown.

TheSessionLike many others I look forward to the little things, even though I terminated many plans before official notices of cancellation. These times slightly reminds me of undergrad; school, work, sleep, beer in an ongoing cycle. Back in those days I did not do half the travel that I plan in even half the year. Finding a balance between the preparation required in order to raise my BJCP rank, completing coursework for online courses that were never developed to be online, and doing what I can to help keep my local with a flow of income has definitely been an interesting tug and pull. For about a month now, I would buy a case of beer every Friday. It would not all be consumed within that week, but it did start piling up to the point where I would run out of space if I did not slightly increase my consumption in some way.

Besides grilling and drinking a touch more, I decided to use a bit of the beer to make soap. And just like everyone else I’ve tried my hand at sourdough, got a batch of sauerkraut going, restarted my kombucha habit, started taking part in Malört o’clock, began constructing a whiskey Infinity Bottle, and bought an electric brewing system. Out with the HERMS and in with the Foundry; I guess this is where I am at.

Before we all crossed through into a life that slightly reminds me of Dark Angel, I was at the brewery often enough for most the staff to know me but not enough to have my own seat at the bar. When I stop by for curbside pick up, it is nice to see some familiar faces. People that I may only spend a few hours with a month, but the faces that always bring me a smile.. img_20200421_2017035629377904366711920.jpgalong with a delicious pint.

I miss the Public House Brewers Stash beers that I would stop in for each release.

I am kind of bummed that I will not be able to participate in the AHA Big Brew Day with the members of The Missouri Association of Serious Homebrewers.

I am finally getting around to some of the education projects that I have been planning but made no movement on.

I guess this means I have been making some use of my evening and weekend hours but maybe I can take a week to sit back relax when all of this is over.


The (Quarantine Edition) Session: Where Are You At?

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