It’s Been A While…

Yeah, I’ve only had this blog for a few years but it seems that I go really strong for the majority of the year and then when November rolls around… It kind of dies. Not that I have been taking a break from beer! No, not at all.

By this time you should all know that I have been to Beer Camp, even though I have not yet shared my story. I did a homebrew advent calendar… with some intersting beers… I only mentioned those on two occasions. I have been to a few breweries… yet, I have not talked about that either haha. Even a trip to see The SC Beer Fairy… I am really slipping.

So, what am I doing now? Studying to take the BJCP Tasting Exam this May!!! Well, I don’t techinically have a seat yet. But I am Number 2 on the waiting list. With my experience of people who drop out and talking to the exam proctor, I feel I have a good chance at getting in. I should know by the end of the month or in early February. He said he is going to start collecting the deposits then and that is typically when people back out.

I plan to start a post about the categories I am going over… I just need to get off my ass, once again. Until then… I guess BLARG! Lets get a move on it!… and the 1001 Beers I am behind on… Cheers!

It’s Been A While…

6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…

  1. I've really slowed down over the last couple of months too, although not as much as you have.I'm really looking forward to reading about the Beer Camp. Good luck no the BJCP exam. I really wish I had the motivation to take that on. I am quite certain that education would help me critically analyze my own beers. I just can't see myself being able to devote enough time to the study.


  2. I'm getting to it! I promise! I've been wanting to do the BJCP for while now. So I figured I better get off my ass lol I have bit of \”free time\” right now between the classes I wanted to take aren't offered right now and I thought it might help me to get to know more people and maybe one day I'm get a beer job lol Just fun right now. A lot of note cards and a lot of critical tasting. If you find the time, you should do it. I thought I knew quite a bit but I guess I can always learn more.Cheers!


  3. Good luck with that BJCP business. Sounds like a fun, but intense, time. I hear ya with blog slacking, I'm experiencing the same thing! Getting over a cold now, so hopefully when I'm back to normal I can get back to writing! I'll hopefully be continuing my BJCP series with a stouts post soon!


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