1001 Beers: Catch Up

1001 Beers: Green Flash West Coast IPA, Avery Maharaja, & Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weissbier

So, with preparing for different things, Studying for the BJCP Tasting Exam, The Holiday Season, and Heading to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, I have not been focusing much time on the blog. I really need to get caught up on my 1001 Beers though because I have so many in the fridge and do not want to open too many more until I catch up. I find it funny that this time last year, I also did not post very much… or the year before… Must be some kind of theme. I also have my Homebrew Advent Calendar coming up… I need to figure out how to work those post since I will be at Beer Camp while I am to be drinking some of those…

Anyway, lets get this going.

Beer Number 116: Green Flash West Coast IPA

Southern California IPAs don’t differ simply because they contain more hops. Since Vinnie Cilurzo brewed Blind Pig Double IPA in 1994, the San Diego style has signaled paler-colored and less sweet beers, but beers that still have the malt character to stand up to plenty of hops.

So, while this passage seems to be about a different beer, it was indeed in the Green Flash section. Anyway, the West Coast IPA was just what they advertised. A big, bold, hoppy IPA. Very aggressive, bitter, piney. Hazy deep orange and a big rocky off-white head. Fruity and floral and a bite of alcohol in the finish. Sticks to your throat. You know what you are walking into based on the name alone.

Beer Number 117: Avery Maharaja This is one I had before and was not really into it. I mean, it was in no way bad. Just too much for me at the time.

The beer has only been around since 2004, but the idea behind it was inadvertently being planned at the brewery for several years before it came into existence. “The journey toward the Maharaja was actually a long time coming, probably dating all the way back to late 1997 when we first produced Hog Heaven barleywine-style ale,” says Avery’s marketing director. “Years of brewing and enjoying Hog Heaven made us start asking what the next step was. While Hog Heaven was delicious, we wanted to see if we could make an even more robust, in-your-fave hop aroma and bigger, yet balanced, hop flavor in a beer.”

This passage also seemed to be heavy about another beer… hmmm… It is like I picked out these on purpose haha! Sweet, piney, syrupy, malty, a ton of alcohol and citrus. Toasted and smooth but not overly done. Pretty fantastic this go around. Big off-white head on a borderline amber body. It may have been the bit of age it had on it, since it was released in January, but I thought it was amazing where it was at this time… Maybe I should find the next release in a few months and compare…

Beer Number 118: Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weissbier

Weihenstephan gets its grains from local farmers, then send them to a malting house where they are transformed into a brewing malt. The Hefe Weissbier is brewed with Hallertauer Perle and Magnum hops and dark and light barley malt, as well as wheat malt. After the ingredients have been mixed and a “young beer” has been created, the liquid is brought to the storage cellar. Located under the abbey garden, the beer sits in large tanks for some thirty days, by which time it is matured and ready to drink.

So, this passage was actually about the beer haha, anyway…. The first pour of this bottle was crystal clear. It was not until I got to the end of it that I realized all the yeast was still there… just needed to be stirred up. Big fluffy white head and a bit spicy on the nose with some citrus. Bitter up front and tingling. Some bubble gum and grassy. Dry finish. Enjoyable for sure.

883 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Catch Up

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