New Belgium: Fresh Hop & Yuzu

With the changing season comes changing beer… but this has nothing to do with that. Not really anyway. This is about two beers that have crossed my eyes and my lusting soul recently. I am sure you have heard me talking about them on Twitter or maybe Google+ but now that I finally tracked them down, it is time to drink them.

New Belgium Fresh Hop! Another Release from the Hop Kitchen Series. The second being French Aramis, and the first of the 4 for the year was Hoppy Bock. I already see people (10) drinking Rewind on Untappd but I have not found it yet. Soon… along with my Q4 Folly Pack!

I totally would have grabbed a bottle of this but it was hard to come by in my area… ok, it is not in my area. I had to travel north again. But oh well, in the name of beer!

I guess I kind of hid it in the photo but you can still see it is a very clean, golden ale with a billowy light, white head. The aroma smells of Salmon Safe Hops… wait… what?

Salmon Safe Oregon Hops: In a nutshell, it’s all about keeping the water clean at and downstream of agricultural areas. To get the certification, the farmer has to do a number of things, including: only use approved pesticides; only have pesticides applied by trained individuals; plant more than 100 feet from any waterway, have stormwater mitigation so that runoff from the fields goes into the ground and not a waterway. Visit for detailed information.

There goes New Belgium and their Sustainability again. But anyway, out of a pint glass I got a lovely floral aroma that was nice and smooth. A light touch of pine, but I got some really juicy flavors as I moved into this one. A touch of lemon, but mostly bright citrus with a mellow bitterness in the finish. A touch grassy and woody as well. The lacing this beer left behind was very beautiful. Fresh Hop had a nice full body and a great carbonation level. I wonder what this would have been like out of the bottle but I am glad to have had it from a keg.

This next beer has caused some stir, an Imperial Berliner Weisse? NO WAY!!! But, I had to try it, even if it is out of its normal realm. Lips Of Faith Yuzu.

I kind of think I should have put my glass up front… but I guess that is for next time. Another very cleanly presented beer from New Belgium. No doubts about that but how would it live it to the style? Or would it taste well out of style?

I found the flavors came across quite light, juicy, and sweet. Now I have never had a Yuzu but apparently they are becoming all the rage. Several breweries have used them now, or at least I noticed it after having this beer. Maybe it was the high gravity of this one but it came across as a bit malty with a medium body. A nice touch of sour throughout that was pronounced in the finish and I am pretty sure in the nose, Yuzu is what I was picking up. A very tasty, tasty brew. Any doubts I had going in were no longer there.


New Belgium: Fresh Hop & Yuzu

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