1001 Beers: Black Forest

Beer Number 114: Matt Brewing Company Saranac Black Forest

I have only had 1 other Schwarzbier that I can recall. That one was brewed by The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery and I thought it was truly, exceptional. One that I want to hunt down again and again, so that gave me high hopes walking into this beer.

With this dark, malty Schwarzbier, The Matt Brewing Company, established in 1888, has reached back to the very roots of its pioneering founder. Francis Xavier Matt was already on the road to success as a trainee at the famous Duke of Baden Brewery in the Black Forest region of Germany when, in 1855, he decided to move to the United States. His dream, like so many other immigrants from the Old World, was to open his own business.

It goes on and on to talk about his brewing and brewery but nothing really significant stood out to me in the passage. Just the same old, same old. I guess it is time to get to the tasting.

A short lived brown head on a deep amber, close to brown liquid. Very malty but quite thin at the same time. I got metallic hints in the nose of this beer but high acidity along with the bready malt flavors and caramel with every sip. Light carbonation, bubbly on the tongue and a bit of dark roast… Totally not a fan. I did not care for any of the beers I got in this variety pack, but I guess that is one of the trials of trying new beer.

887 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Black Forest

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