Fermented Things!

So, this one is not about beer, but I thought I would share another fermented item I am currently working on, Sauerkraut.

So, I decided to do this one when I was cleaning out the fridge one day and I still had almost a whole head of cabbage. I originally bought it to fry in bacon grease, chop up the bacon into it, and then add cheese on top of it. One of my favorite snacks to slow cook on a grill or speed up the process on the stove top.

I was given the idea while reading BYO a while back but I did not really think of it until someone mentioned it on Twitter when I asked what should I do with the rest of it.

Making Sauerkraut is very simple. All you need is your cabbage and salt. Chop it all up, salt it up, and then put some pressure on it to help extract the fluids. Again, pretty fast and easy. The part that takes a little bit of time is waiting for it to finish… I am still waiting for that, but I am sure you will hear about it.


Fermented Things!

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