It has taken me a long time to post anything from the day that will forever be known as CBNcon, but I wanted to share a little bit. Though, they say what happens at CBNcon stays at CBNcon, so I will just show you some highlights and make brief comments about some 1001 Beers I had while I was there.

The Table The Morning After The Bottle Share minus the growlers and homebrew bottles.

One Of The Many Selections I Had Out On The Town

Epic 1001 Flights I Brought

Side By Side 2013 Sexual Chocolate

Lobster Reuben During The Tart Of Darkness Party several others beers consumed as well

I Love Pumpkins

Speedway Stout Off The List

quite a bit more happened and I guess I didn’t give full reviews on these 1001’s but I have had most of them before and I am sure I will have them again. Especially the Hair Of The Dog Beers. It has been a while and I remember impressions but I did not take notes. I know I was looking forward to the review of the 5 but, yup.

Adam, I liked this one quite a bit. Fred, not so much. The Dissident, kind of medicinal, not the sour I was hoping for. The Stoic, not very quad-like but full at the same time. The Collage/Conflux No 1 – I did not think it was as good as it was when it was fresh, but it was after the best after date now. It was still fantastic though!

Speedway Stout, pretty damn fantastic. So much beer to talk about from that weekend, but I really can’t haha some great stuff came out and I brought some great stuff home.

So I guess that gets me down to 890 Bottles of Beer To go! I may revisit these like I said before just to “redeem” the post about them. But you know, Cheers!


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