1001 Beers: General Washington’s Tavern Porter

Beer Number 107: Yards Brewing General Washington’s Tavern Porter

This beer found it’s way to me right in time for me to watch last weeks Craft Beer Nations Friday Night Hangout: Porters, while I was not able to attend that hangout because I was out waiting for some lesser known bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, tonight, we are doing it big with a Drinkers Choice Hangout in DC… you can watch that later.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Philadelphia is the City Tavern, a modern re-creation of the colonial tavern where the Founding Fathers raised their tankards and plotted revolution. Just a short stroll from Independence Hall, the tavern’s walls seemingly echo the toast that surely accompanied the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

So, here goes nothing.

Very dark, viscous liquid with a sweet and malty nose, deep and dark. I get the molasses character that they suggest from the addition to make up for a lack of ingredients back in Washington’s day. A nice bitterness opens and you get a nice helping of dark fruits over your tongue and a touch of chocolate in the finish.

A very smooth and clean beer. One that I can see pint, or tankard after tankard going down with ease while formulating the perfect plan to take down opposing forces. I guess the 7% abv helps a bit, too. But you only know it is there based on feeling, not taste. There is a nice warming sensation. This is a fantastic porter. I could easily drink this one daily, especially since this is my favorite style… or brown ales… hard decision.

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1001 Beers: General Washington’s Tavern Porter

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