1001 Beers: Imperial Pumking

Beer Number 106: Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

This is the beer that I HAD to get my hands on. Apparently it is the King of all the pumpkin beers and nothing can beat it, no matter what… I was not convinced, especially after having Fermentation Without Representation, so we will see.

Pumpkin ale is an increasingly popular seasonal that is threatening to replace Oktoberfestbier as the favorite among U.S. microbreweries. Its recipe goes back to the colonial days when the American brewers, unable to obtain malt, used pumpkins as a substitute.

So, here we go. Can this really be the Pumpkin King?

Short lived white head that was very bubbly almost soda pop-esque. Orange/pinkish amber tint, aroma of pumpkin pie, cloves, nutmeg fill the air but a deep malt aroma sits right upon this beer. A candy corn sweetness as well. Thick full body, pumpkin spice, sweet syrup, still that candy corn taste, there is something I cannot describe but the spice level is very high, but not over done in this one. I get a ton of candy corn from it, no joke.

Not really something I am looking for but it is one of the better pumpkin beers I have ever had… Also, Pumpkin Ale is not a style… Just throwing that out there.

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1001 Beers: Imperial Pumking

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