1001 Beers: Duck-Rabbit

1001 Beers: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

After I moved out to North Carolina, I actually made it out to The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery. I don’t know why I have never got to blogging about my experience there but I had some awesome beer and toured the facility. They were talking about expanding back then so I wonder how they have moved forward with that now.

Beer Number 99: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Milk Stout

Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout is brewed with lactose, which helps to balance the weight of the roasted grains. Philippon did not know what to expect when the product was launched, but consumers acceptance of the new beer was fairly rapid, and the dark brew has been Duck-Rabbit’s top-selling beer every month since it was introduced.

Milk Stout was one of the first beers I had when I got into North Carolina. I had it in Asheville at The Mellow Mushroom. I enjoyed it quite a bit back then and now, it was still good… not that it was not at the brewery, but you know.

It had a sharp roasty nose and malty. A little spicy. While drinking it there was a bit of dark roast in the back of my mouth and some coffee characteristics as well. Milk Stout had a high level of carbonation and lingering chocolate flavors. Almost like chocolate syrup but that did not carry over to the body of the beer. It was fairly medium bodied, roasty, sweet, and mellow. A little dark fruit and alcohol in the finish after it warmed up.

Beer Number 100: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Baltic Porter

The brewery unapologetically makes only dark beer. “I aim all for delicious,” says brewery owner Paul Philippon. “I’m not saying I always hit it on the mark, but I don’t brew anything I don’t love.” Despite his individualistic approach, Philippon is a fairly conventional brewer, focusing only on traditional styles. Velvelty smooth with no acrid bitterness, Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter is clean, well-rounded and complex. It is a rich, contemplative ale that seems fit for a chilly night beside a roaring fireplace.

I appreciate what he was saying about only brewing what he loves. I feel that is important for any brewery or brewer and it should help to lead to success. The Baltic Porter was not on tap when I went to the brewery but OMFG! I wanted to brew a Baltic Porter before because of a few articles in Brew Your Own, but this beer! This Beer! threw Baltic Porter high on my list of beers to brew.

You have no idea how amazing this beer is… unless you have actually drank it. Big nice malty roasted nose. A bit of coffee when you first sip into it. Strong dark malts, dark fruits, cherries, plums, cocoa, a very smooth beer. A bit of alcohol. Simply amazing! I wish I could have put more into words what I was experiencing but you should just find this beer. Hell, let me find out when it is released since it is not a year round and I will send some to you if you really want it. A-fricken-mazing!

901 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Duck-Rabbit

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