1001 Beers: Victory Brewing Company

1001 Beers: Victory HopDevil & Prima Pils

I am finally knocking off all of the Victory Beers from the list! I know that isn’t really as exciting as it sounds, but I prefer Victory beers that are not on the list. And I just got a Barley Wine from the company that they don’t even brew anymore… I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!!! I still need to try an aged Storm King…

Beer Number 94: Hop Devil

A funny thing happened on the way to lager fame. While the two young brewers were setting up their brewery’s restaurant in 1995, they got their hands on a long-awaited supply of Sierra Nevada Celebration, the famously hoppy beer from California released just once a year for the Christmas season. “It hit us like a ton of bricks,” Covaleski said. “We looked at each other and said , ‘We have our own brewery! We don’t have to wait once a year for a hoppy beer.'” Thus was born HopDevil, Victory’s homage to hops.

It is funny hearing this after living in a beer world like we do now… If you want a hoppy beer, all you have to do is look at a brewing calendar and see who has an ultra rare, super limited, 500 case only special release… You know it happens all the time…

I was not really a fan of this beer. I mean, it was a cool deep amber beer with a tan rocky head and a mellow hop flavor and aroma. Grassy, earthy, creamy and it lingered quite a bit into the back of my throat. I know this was not a celebration clone or anything by the brewery, but I wish it had more of that taste.

Beer Number 95: Prima Pils

At the time, most small brewers were specializing in ales and other dark, heavy varieties; the time of the hop-heavy IPA was also about to dawn. Pilsner–at least the variety available in the United States–was generally seen as characterless, a fizzy yellow liquid with lots of money for promotion but little taste.

I’ve had Prima Pils a few times, too. And I did not really care for it any time I had it before… It is just not my type of beer. I know a ton of people that love this one and quite a few people that actually cook with it… I know some referred to it as more of a German IPA than a Pilsner.

I can’t really pick out what it is that I do not like in this one… maybe it is the yeast… I don’t know but something in the aroma and flavor really get to me. The sweetness, floral notes on the nose. A nice hop character but a very nice malty background that it lays on. Some alcohol in the finish and a dry finish.

So, now that I am done with the list Victory beers, I can get back to drinking their good stuff. I know people love these ones and I really hop they enjoy.

906 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Victory Brewing Company

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