1001 Beers: Saison Rue

Beer Number 92: The Bruery Saison Rue

I have had this beer a couple of time, even once at the brewery and The Provisions, (before they shut that down), while visiting some buddies of mine. Just about every beer I had from them I loved and they were all fantastic. I remember sitting there drinking Batch 300 for the first time, after having been drinking and following The Bruery for some time, and now Batch 1000 is out for the masses to try. I won’t be able to get my hands on that one but I can revisit one of my first.

Saison Rue is an intersection of several interest, according to Rue. “I’m a big fan of Dupont Avec Les Bon Voeux because it is complex, spicy, big, yet easy on the palate. I’m also a fan of beers that contain Brettanomyces yeast because it brings another dimension to the beer and noticeably changes it over time. Rye is the perfect ingredient in a beer that is going to become extremely dry as it adds mouthfeel and texture.”

I found out after opening this one that it is recommended, by the brewer, that you drink it at about the 6 month mark. I know when I got this beer, and it came from the shelves at the brewery, but I am not sure how old it is still… If I use the date it left The Bruery, I drank it quite young. I don’t expect it to stay long at the source, but there is no type of date on this bottle… so I have no idea. I guess the only thing I can do is get a new bottle, try to find out exactly when it was packaged and wait six months… oh darn!

The nose was quite funky and spicy. It must have been that Brett that they talk about ever so much. It reminds me of other beers that use Brett with its musky-ness. Spicy, peppery notes set in on the tongue immediately and then I get quite a bit of fruity character. Things that came to my surprise was, like an effervescent, minty-ness throughout my mouth. Lifting flavors of the palate and replacing them with more. A creamy mouthfeel and an acidic bite that was smooth and mellow. Drying in the finish but gracefully so.

While this is not one of my favorite Bruery releases, this one is definetly a classic. I see how it got into the book. It is just a shame that the other beer is discontinued 😦

909 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Saison Rue

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