1001 Beers: Session Lager

Beer Number 80: Full Sail Session Lager

You would think that living in Washington State, I would have had this beer more times than I have had. This is my first experience. But I always thought they had cool looking bottles. So unique. There are breweries like Sierra Nevada that have short bottles but not like the ones Full Sail has.

Full Sail Brewing set out to revive pre-prohibition lager when it released Session. It is an all-malt lager that is availableonly in squat 11-ounce (330-ml) bottles known as stubbies. “A bunch of us in the brewery always talked about how much we like the look of the stubbies, and how you just didn’t see them anymore,”

So, this beer as well as the bottles had a little place in history.

This beer reminded me exactly of all the lagers that have came before it. Granted, I have never had a pre-prohibition lager before. I tried to brew one before, but that was my first or second brew and it ended badly! So, I really have no idea what to expect.

A deep golden straw color with a very light, white head. The nose had that characteristic malt sweetness of a lager. My first sips reminded me of the classic beer qualities that people refer to. Smooth, crisp, clean, and probably refreshing after a long hard day. Almost BMC-esque, but you do not get any of that green apple taste or anything. I did not care for this beer at all though.

I wonder how it compares to other pre-prohibiton lagers… or what others ones there are out there. I cannot name any off the top of my head but there have to be some. I did not even know this was one originally. The quest continues.

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1001 Beers: Session Lager

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