The Session: Elevator Pitch

The Session: Your Elevator Pitch For Beer

I see you are celebrating IPA Day. Well, Do you know why? Because someone told you to drink an IPA? Do you know what this day is about? Apparently it is meant to convert a non-craft drinker to become solely an IPA drinker. Crazy right? I mean, there are so many styles of beer and so many different flavors to experience but they want you to only drink a small handful?

Do you like momma’s homebaked Banana Bread? Sour candies & beverages? What about those magnificent dark fruit flavors? You can’t get that with an India Pale Ale! No matter how hard they try.

Why not drink this ancient Scottish Ale that uses no hops or this Biere De Garde? I have a few to share and I’d rather you find something you like than force feed you what I like.

If you need anything, go to one of the extremely loud rooms. I’ll be there drinking some Westvleteren and Sexual Chocolate. Or if you need something easier drinking, there are some other magnificent ales I can show you. Especially with the holidays coming up. Do you like Pumpkin Pie? Or maybe you do want something nice & strong, yet very aggressive?

Hey, there is more to life than that IPA you are holding.


The Session: Elevator Pitch

6 thoughts on “The Session: Elevator Pitch

  1. It's crazy what you can find going against the norm ;)I'm actually surprised I didn't see anything you brewed in your blog yesterday. Though looking back on it, you haven't brewed an IPA in a little bit.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Devil words you spout you friend! What a great take on the pitch, I'm in love with the fact that you think IPA's are something to be battled against- as if there are people who know only that, the way that masses used to only know lager. Great, love, love, well done!


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