1001 Beers: Workhorse India Pale Ale

Beer Number 76: Laurelwood Work Horse IPA

So this beer is actually a replacement beer for one that has been discontinued. It is the only beer from this brewery and it is also the only IPA they have on their menu. Originally I wanted to pay the brewery a visit to get their Hop Monkey IPA, but after finding this bottle. I figured that would be good enough for the time being.

So, originally I thought putting the story behind the beer was pointless because it is not the same beer, but I think that it still may hold true, so…

Hop Monkey IPA was originally going to be called “Cellarman,” in honor of the people who work the physical, entry-level job at breweries. But the name needed too much explanation for the layperson and became awkward on the bottle’s label.

I have not talked to anyone at the brewery, but I feel Work Horse may be along the same lines. Even the imagery on the bottle shows a working man. This must be his IPA.

This beer has 1.5% more alcohol by volume and a few more IBU’s than the Hop Monkey but I don’t think all that much has changed… Work Horse poured a bit hazy with some floaties in it. Making me wonder if it is bottle conditioned or something… A very resiny nose with notes of grapefruit throughout.

A lot of citrus comes through in this beer and the lower level of carbonation works while setting the stage for the beautiful, clean body with a nice level of bitterness that lingers into the finish and drys out your mouth. The perfect balance for the working man.

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1001 Beers: Workhorse India Pale Ale

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