1001 Beers: Moose Drool

Beer Number 75: Big Sky Moose Drool

This beer has been a favorite of mine for years but since leaving the Pacific Northwest, I have not seen it once. Luckily for me on the night that Silva threw away his title, a buddy of mine happened to have some at his house and I snagged up a bottle as fast as I could.

Missoula, where the brewery is based,is a magnet for outdoors enthusiast: attracting hikers, mountain bikers, white-water enthusiast, and those tracing the Lewis and Clark Trail. By first packaging beer in aluminum bottles in 2003 and by installing a canning line in 2009, Big Sky made its beers more portable for such consumers.

More into the reading of this beer, apparently they were sued multiple times over the name and its name was inspired by a painting. A lot of cool facts about this beer.

The first sip was way better than I remember. The upfront rush of chocolate and toasted malts followed by a nice sweet caramel stream of flavor. Roasty and the perfect hop presence and you swallow it down. I remembered why I loved this one so and I would love to have some cans… scratch that, aluminum bottles… that is interesting… to take on a trip or two with me.

926 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Moose Drool

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