1001 Beers: Ruination

Beer Number 74: Stone Ruination Ale

So, I wanted to do this review a year ago but totally failed at it. Not by my own doing… well, you know. But because I was not able to find Ruination X. I got lucky and they released RuinTen this year because it did so awesome last year and now I can finally do this. The reason I missed it last year is because of the beer wasteland I live in.

I tried to get up to Raleigh when it was released but things just did not work out… and not much of it made it here in the first place. I had a few guys saying they were going to mail me some, but that did not work out either… damn… so anyway, Stone Ruination Ale.

From the start, Wagner gave Stone’s beers a different taste by forgoing the use of Cascade hops. “When I brewed at Pyramid Brewery (in Washington) we made a Cascade Pale Ale, and I was a little sensitive about redoing what we’d done at Pyramid,” he says. So Stone declared itself completely Cascade free and charted its own happy hoppy way.

I wonder if this is still true, does Stone not use Cascade in any of their beers? Hmm… Just thinking of all the IPAs they have released along the years… hmmm… I mean, Stone has their taste, and it is unlike any other. Maybe the exclusion of Cascade is one of the keys…

This is just an awesome beer to begin with. Interesting to think how the Ruination X and RuinTen would even improve on that. Hop nectar on the nose, an in your face bitterness to open up, sweet caramel, grassy, citrusy, a bit floral and more hop nectar in your mouth. A very clean and fantastic beer.

Now, the “improvement” on an already great beer. I have no idea how this could even be thought of. I guess it comes down to the geniuses in the brewhouse.

Deep gold/amber with a small golden head. Very clean and bright, so sweet and sticky on the nose. Tropical and mango sweetness in your mouth, very thick! I found this to be very mellow compared in the bittereness department but it packed a ton more flavor. Juicy, resiny, delicious!!!

Honestly, a big improvement. Crazy to think. I hope they do bring this back year after year. It was hinted at on the blog, but some people at Stone say it is just a rumor at the moment… I hope they are just pulling my leg… 927 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Ruination

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