1001 Beers: Pelican Pub & Brewery

1001 Beers: Imperial Pelican Ale & Kiwanda Cream Ale

Oregon has only one or two breweries, as you all know, so it is kind of a beer wasteland……………………………….. I knew you would buy that. Then again, Pelican is quite a bit different from the rest. I wish I would have been able to go down to the brewery and try the beers, but it was a long drive from where I live. Not worth it on this trip.

What’s more important–the beer or the food? We say both. In fact, The Pelican Pub & Brewery is a world leader in the pairing of food and beer. After all, we’ve been doing it for 16 years. Our executive chef and brewmaster make it their daily mission to understand how food and beer flavors complement one another.

Beer Number 72: Imperial Pelican Ale

India Pelican Ale was first brewed as a seasonal beer. After the second batch was brewd a year later, demad for it was so overwhelming that india Pelican Ale was moved into regular production.

Wait… Did I grab the wrong beer? NO! After looking up their beers, either they changed the name or no longer produce the “India” version.

Imperial Pelican was very bright and golden. It had that classic cascade flavor to it. Quite hoppy and bitter, which seems like the backbone of the West Coast IPA. Citrus notes and grassy throughout and linger into the finish. A nice medium bodied beer.

Beer Number 73: Kiwanda Cream Ale

Kiwanda Cream Ale was named for Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, which is located in the same town as teh brewpub, Pacific City, Oregon. The beer has garnered numerous awards including three gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival, together with a gold and silver medal at the World Beer Cup.

This one I was not big on. It reminded me of everything a cream ale should be… Creamy, green apples, light bodied, low carbonation, a little peppery… I call this one, pass. I wonder what food they pair it with at the brewery.

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1001 Beers: Pelican Pub & Brewery

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