1001 Beers: IPA

Beer Number 68: Caldera IPA

Another Oregon Brewery, though this one is right at the border right before you hit California. Now way I am going to be making it that far south on this trip but while I have a can of their beer here with me, why not drink it before I get there.

Caldera is focused on a being just a production brewhouse, with no pub, restaurant, or even tasting room. Everything is brewed on a small ten-barrel system, with varying size fermenters allowing the brewery to do single, double, and triple batches.

I find this pretty awesome. You hardly ever see that from a brewery. I guess they are more worried about the beer they make than everything else. While, I think it would be awesome to have a tasting room, I totally like and appreciate the fact that they do not. If I opened a brewery, would I follow this model? Probably not. But that is because I have plans for the food menu and special events. Though, it might not be a bad way to start.

A nice, deep golden to amber color with a big and rocky tan head. Some grassy and oniony notes on the nose. This is not a very bitter IPA, which surprises me since it clocks in at 90 something IBU’s but it is very flavorful. Juicy, some of that onion comes through and grapefruit. A bit of bitterness come in the finish and those flavors really linger on. Medium to light body and dry.

This is not my style of IPA. Though, I guess I am getting the taste of Oregon in my mouth now. Only a few more days until I am there.

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1001 Beers: IPA

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