1001 Beers: Black Gold Bourbon Imperial Stout

Beer Number 67: Full Sail Black Gold Bourbon Imperial Stout

Since I am going back home to The Great Pacific North West very soon… in a couple of days, I thought it would be appropriate to drink a few beers from there. Luckily there are two, that I currently have in my cellar, from back home… Well, 2 hours South. They are both from Oregon but that is not going to prevent me from trying them. I have a few Washington beers I am going to knock off while I am there, too.

Black Gold Imperial Stout is released every year, but the barrel-aged version is only available every other year, after it has spent about ten months in bourbon barrels. Full Sail’s brewers began experimenting with aging beer in barrels when they put two beers in bourbon ones back in 1997.

The text goes on to say that they originally released this beer aged in a barrel and in stainless to let people taste the differences and they now release a barrel aged beer every year, this one and Top Sail Porter. Alternating, of course.

This beer seemed to have poured pretty thin. I guess that was just an optical illusion though. It carries on a very nice, and balanced full body with just a trace of foam around the glass where you expect the head. It appeared a bit more on the pour, rather big and fluffy but quickly dissipated. You get straight bourbon on the nose but it is a little sweet and it is questionable whether I am getting oak or not. I feel like it should be there but I am trying to convince myself to see it.

In the taste… not a lot, in my opinion. Mostly bourbon. Pretty malty and maybe a little bit of almond. Very smooth and finishes dry. Not a lot going on but it is nice. I think too much else would be overpowering on top of the bourbon but I do wish this beer carried a little more on it. It is good but very plain and simple. Then again, that is one of the things that beer should be. Full Sail did a great job.

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1001 Beers: Black Gold Bourbon Imperial Stout

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