1001 Beers: Summer Pils

Beer Number 66: Saint Arnold Summer Pils

There’s a good reason that America’s largest breweries spend even more on advertising their pale yellow lagers in Texas than other parts of the country. “In Texas, it’s cool to be a cowboy with a longneck in your hand” says Brock Wagner, cofounder of Saint Arnold Brewing. Saint Arnold brews a full line of traditional styles. After years of tinkering with what looks like a simple recipe–one malt, two hops–Saint Arnold Summer Pils (originally known as Summerfest) won three medals in five years at the Great American Beer Festival, albeit as a Munchner-style Helles.

I wonder if it was a lawsuit that made them change the name of the beer… I’ve seen it before from the only company I can think of with that name for a beer, but who knows. There could be a number of reasons. This is the last beer from Texas I have on my list, but not the last one I will be drinking from that state by far. Time and availablity are the only factors.

This is a beer that surprised me. Just how intense it is, I was not expecting. I should have had a clue though being the cap said, “Hop on board!”. A crystal clear beer with a little bit of a burger on its side… I mean, a bright, white head on top. The nose was quite hoppy and a little grainy. You get a lot of that malt and grain in each and every sip. It was built on a very solid Pilsner body with a touch of hop flavor, a pretty full body, and a dry finish. This is a very nice beer to be drinking on a nice Summer day. Good thing it just officially started. Hey, Saint Arnold is even wearing sunglasses in his photo!

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1001 Beers: Summer Pils

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