1001 Beers: Fancy Lawnmower

Beer Number 65: Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

While I was in Texas, I spent quite a bit of time trying to find good beer. I guess I was in the wrong area to begin with, i.e. Not Austin, but I figured there had to be someway for people in San Antonio to get what they want. I found The Friendly Spot and this is where I fell in love with The Flying Saucer. The only other hotspot I found in the city was The Alamo Draft House and man, between just these places, one can live.

The San Antonio Breweries just did not do it for me at all. The Blue Star Brewing Company and Freetail Brewing Company fell far short of what I was used to. Maybe just growing up near Seattle, less than 2 hours away from Portland, and living in Los Angeles for a while has ruined what I expect from beer, but the beers I had in Texas just did not stand tall.

I had some beers from Austin breweries and fell in love with those but, like I said, I never made the trip. That is where I want to go at some point. Anyway though…

I heart beer

The name Fancy Lawnmower “comes from the old home-brewers’ term for crappy light beer,” says Brock Wagner, a former investment banker who started Saint Arnold Brewing–named after the patron saint of brewing–in 1994. “I remember walking around the brewhouse asking people what adjective they like that had the tone I was after (indicating it was upscale but clearly tongue-in-cheek). ‘Fancy’ won over ‘gourmet'”

This beer is one of my favorite styles that I do not drink too often. Why? Because not many people brew it. The Kölsch. A fantastic style that highlights the simplistic nature of beer but allows for a lot of depth. I want to brew one… maybe this summer… maybe next. I will be done though.

Fancy Lawnmower carried a short lived white head on top of a straw colored body. Very bright and clear. The nose was a bit sweet, bready, and malt forward. You do get a fair amount of hop in the nose as well, though.

The body on this beer was a bit higher than you would expect. Like a medium high feel and it had a higher level of carbonation. Creamy, crisp, and dry. A bit fruity but a low, but perfect amount of bitterness kept that in line. Maybe a little bit of toffee in the finish. I very much enjoyed this one.

I have a couple more Saint Arnold beers to get through, and one more to Knock Texas off of my list. Even though I know there is more great beer in that state. You just have to look.

936 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Fancy Lawnmower

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