1001 Beers: Guinness

Beer Number 64: Guinness

I find it funny that I am currently running through a ton of old favorites… or something like it. This beer takes me back to my Irish Carbomb days. Yeah, you know what I mean. Even though I have drank these multiple times throughout the years as well. I hear it is really awesome in Ireland. I would love to know their process in making this one, too. 3% soured beer? Something like that. Old beer? Hmm…

Some beers need no introduction and, with 10 million pints drunk every day all around the world, Guinness slots neatly into this category. No longer just the drink of Ireland, this famous stout is produced in more than fifty breweries across the globe.

I kind of failed to red the, this beer needs no introduction part, oops. It got one on here anyway. I find it crazy that people took the lease for the land that the main brewery is built on seriously. 9000 years is what was signed. I know things were different back then, but I would take that as a complete joke! Sure, let me sign this paper for some land that will be around long after I’m dead… I find it weird that it is also brewed in so many breweries. I wonder if they all have the Guinness name on them…

I had this one at Red Lobster. I couldn’t decide between knocking this one or Heineken off of my list while I was there. Not sure what made me choose Guinness, but I feel I made the better choice. Next time… Next time.

So, I did not pick this one up to check out the highlights but it was also kind of dark in that place. Kind of odd, but oh well. It appeared deep black and had a huge fluffy tan head on top of it. Did I pour it all fancy like? Meh, I just asked for a warm glass. I hate getting cold ones.

Creamy, a little sour, almost metallic like and a fair amount of roast. Light bodied but a fair beer to drink when the choices are limited. And check this, there were less than 125 calories in that whole bottle! (Yeah, this is the first beer I have personally found… besides those select 55’s and such, that advertised the calories…). Why was that whole block in a bracket? Not sure, but hey, check out this glass.

937 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Guinness

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