1001 Beers: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Beer Number 63: Pabst Blue Ribbon

The beer that got me through college. So many games of Kings and shotgunned tall boys. It is funny that shortly after this I got into homebrew and then into craft beer. I am glad I did but sometimes… well, there is no sometimes!

Today, it is a brewery in name only. The company is owned by a nonprofit charitable foundation. Its products are made under contract by companies including MillerCoors. The flagship, known widely as PBR, gets its name from the many blue ribbons it won at late 19th-century beer exhibitions.

Knowing that it is charitable, makes me feel less bad about buying this one. Though, it is not a beer I drink, like at all. So,… My dad told me that this beer used to be the only served at amusement parks, and that is not hard to believe knowing that Pabst used to be a major player in the beer world. Competing for bigger share of the market and all that jazz. I never took the time to look it up. I honestly did not care that much but I do kind of believe it. Just don’t go around saying that I am spreading that knowledge. I only like verified facts.

I was kind of hoping to relive my college days when I broke into this one. Though, that did not happen. Big white fluffy head (which I never saw being I never drank out of a glass), bright yellow beer (I only knew that when it exited my body), a lot of rising carbonation and some grain on the nose. A bit of honey sweetness, grainy, and light bodied. Picked up quite a bit of corn. A lot of things that I never picked up because, well, this beer was not for drinking. No beer was for drinking IMO. It all had one purpose and that was,

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1001 Beers: Pabst Blue Ribbon

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