1001 Beers: Newcastle Brown Ale

Beer Number 62: Newcastle Brown Ale

Back in my non-craft drinking days, I had this one once or twice but that was just because it was at a party and it was something different from the classic BMC that is at every underage party Superbowl Party one would go to. I drank it, it did the job after enough of them and whatever else was around but I was never a fan of it or anything like that. St. Pauli girl was my drink. Her smooth green long neck body and her dark version were to die for… or so I thought.

For many years, the beer was brewed in the heart of Newcastle. However, this site closed in 2004, and production moved to the former Federation Brewery in Gateshead, where the beer is brewed to an alcohol strength of 7.5 percent before being diluted to the strength at which it meets its drinkers.

Brewed to 7.5%! Wow, I would love to try that version. I know it never sees the light of day and the final version is actually a picture perfect example of the style, but it would be interesting enough. That would definitely get college kids going… like they originally did to push this beer according to the book. The lower ABV version.

I love how clear that glass is. The beer is just as so. A lot of caramel comes off in the nose and even the flavor of this one. Very thin but a high level of carbonation. I got a little bit of a bready character but not much. Just one of those beers you look back on. It totally reminded me of the old days… I did not have many memories of them though. So, yup. Knocked off the list.

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1001 Beers: Newcastle Brown Ale

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