1001 Beers: Oaked Hoppy Monster

Beer Number 61: Terrapin Oaked Big Hoppy Monster

Ok, so this is not the actual beer in the book but one of the things that I am sure the contributors did not consider is the fact that at times beers are discontinued… or the fact that there are a ton of seasonal and draft only beers in here… maybe not a ton, but quite a big handful. Big Hoppy Monster is one of those beers that fell prey to the test of time. Though, Terrapin did not fully let go of the beer. They still brew it… kind of, and throw it in a barrel or dozen. I’m not sure of the numbers but this is is the result.

When the alcohol limit in Georgia was finally lifted in 2004, Terrapin Beer barged through the door with its Big Hoppy Monster. The garnet-colored ale, with its heft malt backbone, hoist an astounding load of citrus hops; Warrior, Centenial, Cascade, Ahtanum, and, for good measure, a dry-hopped dose of Simcoe. The beer seemingly created an entire new style category.

I wish I could have had a chance to taste the regular version before it was discontinued… or put on hiatus, whatever they want to call it but I guess that is just part of my journey. I may have started late, but now I am on track… Though started late is relative since I got into craft beer at 22ish. But, you know.

This beer was a very dark amber, apparently “garnet”, whatever that is, with a nice caramel nose and a subdued hop character. I was expecting a ton of oak to come across, but nope. Drinking this one down I got some light oak but more caramel and some hops. It was not the big hoppy I was expecting, but then again maybe that was the original version not this one. Pretty good. Maybe one day they will brew and release the other again.

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1001 Beers: Oaked Hoppy Monster

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