New Belgium: Heavenly Feijoa

It has been a while since I opened up this beer, April 7th to be exact, but I wanted to get my notes out there especially since I am about to open up the two new offerings; Pluot and Paardebloem. I drank this one not too long after Cascara Quad and now I see a bunch of people digging in for the first time.

One thing I realized about my New Belgium Love, is the fact that on their website they have a Beer Masher. While it is not a complete list of all of their products, it is quite close. I have had all but 7 of the beers listed on there. If you would like a shot at guessing which 7, go ahead. For now I will continue to track down each and every beer of theirs I can and hopefully make another brewery trip.

This beer I really enjoyed, but it was not like any other that I have had… though, almost every trippel, tripel, triple, however you want to spell it, they were all pretty different. I guess it is the selection of the ones I chose.

Copper beer below a white, fluffy head. Fruity on the nose. Pineapple and a bit sour. Some odd but good, juicy flavors. Mango and pretty full bodied. Not as good as a few others I had, but I still enjoyed this as a Faith beer. Cannot wait to crack the others open and see how this quarters beers are.


New Belgium: Heavenly Feijoa

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