Art, Tart, and Heart Of Darkness

I have been trying to track down these three beers for some time now. Actually there is a fourth but getting my hands on that one may have been more of an issue than it would be worth. Maybe one day I will be able to add Surly Darkness to my list, but for now Art of, Tart of, & Heart of Darkness will have to be enough for me.

I am not saying I was particularly excited for all of these beers, they were all new to me and I have heard good things about a couple, but the whole idea of a series… Okay, yes I know these beers are not part of a series, BUT I MADE IT ONE!!! Go me :D… I actually wonder what the story is behind the name. There has to be something for three separate breweries to do it… who knows, there may be more.

Big, black, billowy brown head. Roasted malts all throughout the nose. A touch of caramel, very assertive roasty-ness. A sharp dark malt bitterness, thinner body than expected and far better than the last Magic Hat beer I had even if this was flat and single dimensional.

This beer was fantastic. A deep brown pour with a tan head. Prunes and other dark fruits on the nose. Simply a beautiful beer. You get a lot of that scent in the flavor as well. Full bodied, low carbonation, a nice hint of alcohol though, a bit syrupy in the finish. If that is the one flaw of this beer, I will take another sip before I hit that point.

Now, this is the tricky one. I loved it. More than I should have. It was so incredibly sour and vinegar like, the good kind not the sickening kind, and I had no idea what else to think… or what else to say about it’s flavor. That is all there was to it. Simply a fantastic beer. I have another bottle of it. Not sure when I should open it. Will it become more sour and not worth it, or will it mellow out a little bit as time goes by. It is kind of old to begin with. I have no idea what it was like originally but man, great.

Maybe I just hyped these beers up to myself too much? Maybe not. I really like 2 out of 3 and I would drink them again and again. SO that is a win in my book. I feel you should give them all a try as well… if you can find them. Tart was horrible trying to track down.


Art, Tart, and Heart Of Darkness

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