1001 Beers: Titan IPA

Beer Number 59: Great Divide Titan IPA

I find it a little weird that when I was in Denver and got a chance to stop by The Great Divide, that I did not drink of their IPA’s… Well, not really surprised because I try to taste as many styles of beer as I can and IPA, while I do enjoy it, is one that I often overlook because I feel there are so many of them on the market. A lot of which, in my opinion, I feel are kind of bad. Granted I expect more from the bigger breweries, including this one, and I do not let that haze my judgement when I do pick one up, but just the same, I have had a number of IPA’s from the little guys that I thought were superbly fantastic and were more enjoyable than some that I truly love. Even homebrew examples of the style. They just cannot be beat.

Anyway though, I had a lot of good beers there and just surprised I did not try Titan. I was not searching for beers in the book but rather just enjoying the city and everything it had to offer. Such a great time and I cannot wait to go again. Hell, I might just drink this IPA when I do get the go again. So damn good.

Titan IPA exhibits the balance characteristics of all Great Divide beers but also packs plenty of hops. It quickly became the best-selling beer outside the brewery’s home region.

Yes, that is a cider in the background and a glass of water to the other side. I think it was the Woodchuck Raspberry Cider and it was quite good, just not mine… I think it was good. I mean, it was a cider.

The beer was a bit clearer than what you can see in that picture but a very orange-ish color to it with a very nice fluffy head that left an amazing lace all the way down. Kind of hard to remember the aroma. My old phone had the notes on this beer and I got rid of it faster than you can imagine when I got my S4. I love this phone so damn much… anyway, it was that damn good. One I will visit again and again. I like it more than the Yeti’s. I had all four but only 2 made it onto here. I even had some more in Denver.

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1001 Beers: Titan IPA

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