1001 Beers: Dortmunder Gold

Beer Number 57: Dortmunder Gold

Another beer that just landed in my lap. I have seen it around before but it never really caught my eye, even with the gold medal on the front. Hmm… Was I wrong for never picking this up before?

Uncertain what to rename the beer, the Conways found their answer after winning their first gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 1990. A photograph of their medal is displayed on the label of Dortmunder Gold.

Like I said, I should have suspected something after seeing that medal on the bottle. I have only been to one Great American Beer Fest, but I know very damn well that those guys know their beer. I should have taken that as a sign.

This is one of the best beers I have ever had. No lie. A nice golden ale with a nice golden head that was big and rocky. A very clean nose and a beer that had great balance, finished dry, with some nice earthy characteristics. Plain and simple, one you should pick up.

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1001 Beers: Dortmunder Gold

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