1001 Beers: Petrus Oud Bruin

Beer Number 54: Brouweij Bavik Petrus Oud Bruin

I’ve been holding onto this beer for a while and seeing someone else drinking one is what made me pull mine out and crack it open. I guess there was no better time. A look at the history of this beer and brewery were interesting, but the actual process of making this one caught my attention more.

Oud Bruin, which is sometimes called “Old Dark” for export purposes, is a classic Flemish old brown ale that is part young and part wood-aged ale. The base beer, an aged pale, is matured in oak barrels for two years and blended with young brown ale to produce the Oud Bruin. This method of maturing beer has been a tradition in Flanders for centuries. The style of beer is typically moderate in alcohol and refreshing.

I really had no idea what to expect coming into this one, other than my expectations for the style, of course.

Petrus Oud Bruin poured a deep dark brown and it boasted a brown head. The nose was a bit fruity, like cherries and acidic. A bit of vinegar in the nose and slight alcohol hints. I was surprised how smooth this beer was. Very easy drinking. There was a little bit of vinegar in the finish and dark fruits opened this one up. I thought this was essentially a perfect beer. It is what it is and it was not trying to be anything more. One that should always be in stock around my place.

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1001 Beers: Petrus Oud Bruin

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