1001 Beers: Kodiak Brown Ale

Beer Number 50: Midnight Sun Kodiak Brown Ale

While I had the IPA from this brewery not too long ago, I was happy to see that their brown ale made it into this book. It is not a style we see much of today. Though, one I really enjoy. When I first got into beer I was not impressed with the big, hoppy, and outrageous IPAs. I fell in love with some of the more passionate and flavorful offerings. So it is nice when I find something that takes me back to the beginning.

The Kodiak Brown Ale was its very first beer and has been the best-selling Midnight Sun beer ever since. It’s brewed with the traditional malts of a Norther English Brown: pale and chocolate malt. The hopping rate is also along the lines typical for the style, at 24 IBUs, but with rather more unusual hop varieties: German Perle and American Willamette. These hop varieties gives the brown ale a decidedly nontraditional taste profile, which adds to its very unique character.

I do not think I have ever had a beer named after a bear before, but here it goes. I wonder if it will shred away at me or if I should play dead… hmmm…

Kodiak Brown Ale pours, as you would expect, a nice deep brown with a pretty good looking tan head. Sweet malts on the nose with a bit of caramel and a little bit of a toasted nut character. The initial taste was sweet and a little burnt. This beer carried a medium body and a strong carbonation kick in the back. Toasty, spicy, a solid brown ale.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. A very different beer from what you typically find out there and what is talked about today. I hope there are others in the book that just hang onto the simplicity of what beer really is.

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1001 Beers: Kodiak Brown Ale

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