The Session: Balance

That is a funny thing now that I have to look back on it.

Not saying I did not have balance before but if I ever wanted to do anything beer related, whether it be homebrewing, a festival, or just out for a few drink all I would have to do is say it and go. SWMBO honestly did not care. Well, some questions would be asked; i.e. Do you work? Anything important going on that conflicts? Where is it? How much does it cost? What are you getting me? Basic questions that usually ended up in me at a brewery or a tasting of some kind.

Not too long ago there was a new addition to my family that calls for a greater investment than a puppy.

She claims nothing will change and I will be able to do the things I have always done, but I feel that is not exactly true. I feel this event is forcing me to bring even more balance into my life. Not that it is a bad thing, I just have to figure out how to keep all the new events in line.

When this blog started, it was about me, my adventures, & my adventures in homebrewing. I think that the blog will also work out as a medium to keep my beer life balanced from my non-beer life. Planning out brews, planning out events, planning out anything that used to just be spur of the moment and still have fun.

So far things have been great. Maybe I was worried about nothing. SWMBO suggested going to a local brewery a few weeks back for lunch. I was hesitant because I thought it would just end up as a cry fest. The worst that happened is that I got a taster of a beer I did not like on that encounter. Granted, I know this was just a test run and things will not always be this easy but maybe figuring out what I can and cannot do will not be as hard as I suspected.

Some things have already seemed to be a major challenges that must be worked out. The first night home, trying to eat dinner, was insane. Even cooking dinner together has proved to be difficult but I guess that is what it is all about. Finding and maintaining the balance in our new life. In every aspect.


The Session: Balance

4 thoughts on “The Session: Balance

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hear ya. Daughter #2 arrived about 6 weeks ago. And I distinctly remember the night we brought home daughter #1. I poured a beer, sat down in my chair, took one sip, then fell asleep in the chair. I woke several hours later to a warm beer and a crying baby. I wouldn't trade either of them for anything (although, now that I think about it, nobody has really made any decent offers).


  2. I've heard a lot of stories about that. I have cut back my drinking a bit after she was born which makes it so now I feel like I have too much homebrew :/ Not sure how that makes sense but I have a lot of commercial beer, too. Crazy… I guess I just need to, once again, find that balance. The decent offer thing, made me literally lol


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