1001 Beers: Oerbier

Beer Number 49: De Dolle Brouwers Oerbier

Oerbier is one that I have been looking forward to for some time now. I have seen it around and had it suggested to me time and time again. After seeing the little guy on the front of the bottle, I knew I had to pick it up, too. He is just too happy for me to not want to drink this beer. And surprisingly, the cost of this bottle does not break the bank.

One thing that always stuck me as odd about peoples experience with this beer is they said there was no way for them to tell the freshness of the bottle. I had no issues finding it, see.

Not that I feel it really matters, though. People typically hold onto Belgian Strong Ales for a while but the brewers have their own idea of how long this beer should sit around before you actually drink it. Once again, I have failed.

Four Malts, dark candy sugar, and locally grown Golding hops are used to ensure the beer’s typical Oerbier character. The brewery recommends aging the brew for a couple of years before drinking, preferably at 46 degrees Fahrenheit (8C), as it does in its own cellars. This is quite a turnaround in attitude since the first editions of Oerbier carried a best-by date of one hundred days.

Oerbier was cloudy and murky. An amber-brownish tone with a big tan head. Very fluffy, though. A funky, phenolic nose that brought on a lot of fruity notes. There was a slight twang in the this, but again, not sour. Quite malty with dark fruits hanging around and an unexpected sweetness.

This one didn’t do it for me. Maybe the misconception of this being a sour ale threw me off, but I know a lot of people are going to be down my throat for not finding this as awesome as they did. I still have one other version to try and since this is relatively inexpensive, I think I am going to grab another bottle to store away, since that is how it is now recommended to be served. I know I missed the initial 100 day mark, but that would be an interesting time to try as well… Oh, trying to follow the brewers directions.

952 Bottles Of Beer To Go!


1001 Beers: Oerbier

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