1001 Beers: India Pale Ale

Beer Number 48: Goose Island India Pale Ale

I have not had many beers from Goose Island. Today, I actually had one randomly while getting a slice of Pizza at the mall, Mild Winter. Before today, I think I’ve only had Matilda and Bourbon County Stout and that was at a bottle share. I think it is funny how both of those beers are part of this series. It looks like I have to go out and get them for myself this time. I remember liking them, so I am not too worried about it.

This bottle of India Pale Ale was bottled on March 1 2013 so that sounds pretty damn fresh to me. I kind of wish I drank it right after I picked it up a week ago, but I doubt it has diminished that much, if at all. For all of you Craft vs Crafty guys out there, SUCK IT! Goose was making great beer before the acquisition, and as long as they continue to make great beer now, I feel it changes nothing.

The IPA reflects the Goose gestalt perfectly: a great example of a beer that’s only as complicated as it needs to be. Just a single malt, mashed with a simple infusion, brewed similarly to the English examples that inspired it. It’s a testament to the amazing nature of well-made malt that such a simple recipe could result in this kind of depth. Aroma is provided by four hops: Styrian, Golding, Fuggles, and Cascade, then the brew is dry hopped with Centennial for a bright and fresh hop aroma. The yeast is an English strain that brewed more than 200 batches before being recultured. As a result, it developed its own unique character and is the workhorse for Goose Island’s ale production.

The beer fits with the English Notion that beer is for drinking, not sipping. “We wanted more of an English-style IPA,” says Greg Hall. “We are not anti-hop,” as some online beer raters have claimed. “It’s about making a balanced, drinkable beer.”

A white, rocky head formed on top of a golden, malty bed. The nose was grassy and a bit piney. It drank fairly creamy, I must say with a pleasant bitterness and a small amount of juicy fruit flavors. Some spice lingered around as well. This was honestly exactly what they said it is. A very good IPA made for drinking, everyday.

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1001 Beers: India Pale Ale

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