A Night Out

So, this last weekend I got out to a new brewery to me, a new brewery to the world (or at least North Carolina), and to Bottle Revolution who happened to be hosting an event. Two new in one night, not bad. Though, I wish I would have been able to visit for a longer period of time. Having everything bumped up together let me get a good taste of what these places were like, but not enough to fully know what they are about.

The first stop on my insanely fast brewery tour across two cities was at FullSteam, where I got a brief introduction to from Bryan since I ventured into his hood. Of course this place has already hit my radar but having an expert there really helped out. I only had two beers here but the first one really made an impression. Apparently, that is what they were specifically setting out to do. Bryan told me that Cackalacky was brewed with the intentions of taking the beer, and brewery, nationwide.

Cackalacky is a Ginger Pale Ale that actually made good use of the flavor. Not overpowering or offensive at all. Great on the nose and great on the tongue. I had a half pint, so I am not sure how much one could actually drink of this but I can see myself having a couple in a sitting. Highly recommended. The next beer I had was the Rocket Science IPA. It is a nice IPA. A nice balance and not going to destroy you if you want to taste anything after that or while you are eating food. It sucks that I left at this point but it gave me a good baseline for next time… Yes, there will for sure be a next time here. Awesome spot, and I will even bring my dog.

I briefly stopped by Raleigh Brewing Company where I met up with The Cellar Monk. RBC had their Scotch Ale on Cask with Maple for Firkin Friday. I thought it was a bit too sweet, the maple character did not really come through, and it did not really hit the mark for a Scotch ale.

I did not try the original version but from doing some talking around the bar, the brewer had similar concerns. This was the first time brewing this beer, I think they said and they wanted to get more of the Maple next time. It would be interesting to keep tabs on this one and follow it along the way. Another place that I need to stop by when I have more time to see what their full line up is about… and I can even bring my dog!

After I got out of there, I stopped by my favorite Bottle Shop in North Carolina, Bottle Revolution. They had an event going on, and honestly, what is there to say? It was an awesome time and they had some awesome beers on tap and cask. Allagash Confluence, Terrapin Mosaic, Foothills Jade IPA… just to name a few. Glad I was not driving.


A Night Out

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