1001 Beers: Obliteration IX (V)

Beer Number 47: Midnight Sun Obliteration IX (V Substitution)

I am not saying that this beer should NOT be in the book, but I feel that it is really weird the contributors would put so many one off/limited release beers into it. I mean, I am sure the beers are that good and they want you to taste them, but if it was released once what are the odds of tracking it down years later? Copyright 2010, it is already hard enough rounding up beers with some being retired. For this one, they even knew it was part of a series.

Obliteration V is the fifth in a series of experimental beers brewed by Midnight Sun, an award-winning brewery based in Anchorage, Alaska. In each of the Obliteration brews, Midnight Sun uses different hop varieties so that the imbiber can experience the character that each hop variety contributes to the beer.

Now, with all that said. I thought this beer was AMAZING! The hop variety in Obliteration IX, (you can see how many in the series I have missed up to this point), are Citra & Saaz. I love using Saaz in homebrew so I was looking forward to this combination. I thought it was quite interesting.

Obliteration IX poured very thick and visually viscous. Golden with a small white head but it left behind some amazing lacing. Tons of rising carbonation and very resiny and grassy on the nose. A splash of pine and citrus.

The first sip sent a spicy rush over my tongue and then mellowed out and brought out a slightly syrupy texture. Lemon, honey, mango, some other tropical fruits, and a touch of mint. Decently bittered sitting at 80IBUs and 8.0% ABV. Very drinkable.

I got this beer in a trade and I wish I would have asked for a few more bottles or that I lived close enough to grab some myself. I wonder how Obliteration V tasted, but I feel no loss since I got a winner here.

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1001 Beers: Obliteration IX (V)

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