Huske Hardware House

I pretty much talk about every brewery I have been to and rank their beers. I have been slacking a bit and missed one or two… Actually just two, but hey. I have been to The Huske Hardware House a few times now… Actually, quite a bit for how often I was expecting to go here.

I was surprised to find out it was a brewery the first time I heard about it. I literally thought it was a Hardware House. Come on! I moved to a new area and everyone has their own local shops. The guys I talked to about this town before I moved out here only brought up The Mash House, never The Huske. So how was I supposed to know?

The first time I went there I did what I always do when I go to a brewery. I ordered the flight with all of their beers. They only have 6 on tap so that made it easy. The task was to figure out what beer I was getting a growler fill of since I try to leave every brewery I go to with a piece of glass. I deemed their best beer at that time was the Sledgehammer Stout. Though, they had a Watermelon Wheat beer that completely blew the 21st Amendment version out of the water.

This most recent time I went they had 2 new beers. Clearly I had to get a taster of each… even though I should not have been drinking then because it was literally the day after I got my wisdom teeth pulled. They looked identical and the server was pretty sure that I would get the two confused… Yeah, no way. One was The Raspberry SourPatch and the other, The Honey Badger.

I had very little information about either of these beers but, as the name would imply, The SourPatch was sour and as for The Honey Badger, that beer was aged in Jack Daniel Barrels and clocked in at 13% ABV. I told the waitress I hated it and to bring me a glass of the SourPatch. She told me The Honey Badger was one of their most popular recently… Yeah, at 13% and from what I know of the people that live in this town, NO SURPRISE!

I took home a growler of The Raspberry SourPatch this time just because it was different. It was pretty good and quite a big change from anything else on their menu. I think both of the breweries in this town had very decent food, but this one definitely had the better beer selection. I would not mind drinking their blonde again…


Huske Hardware House

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