My Top 13 Beers

So, the other day the Brewers Association sent out an email to its members telling them to submit 20 picks for their top beers that are commercially available. I figured, why not do it? The form had an auto fill feature and you would just got ahead and hit enter when the name of the beer you wanted popped up, so as I was doing that I guess I miss keyed something and then it submitted my entries after only 4.

I tried to go back and enter more but I was denied. The error message was telling me that I already voted. So I figured, screw them. I will post my own top list because every beer on your list will probably end up being an IPA.

So, here is my list. I was trying to put it in order from 1 – 13, (Yes, you get 13 entries from me), but at times, that got hard. These are all 5 star beers in my eyes and I figured I’d share them with you in the order I thought of them, so obviously number 1 is my favorite but the list gets hazy as it goes on.

1: New Belgium 1554 (Reviewing Soon. My first beer love.)
2: New Belgium La Folie (Nuff Said)
3: Epic Fermentation Without Representation (One of the best Pumpkin Ales I have ever had)
4: Stone Double Bastard (The best of all the Bastards. Better with some age one it. 3+ years)
5: Sierra Nevada Porter (One of the most underated Porters in my eyes)
6: Deschutes Black Butte (My favorite Porter of all time. Especially the anniversary editions)
7: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil (Taste it. I dare you)
8: Allagash White (The first Wheat beer that I actually loved)
9: Stone Levitation (It is just beautiful in every way)
10: North Coast Old Rasputin (I feel every Russian Imperial Stout should taste like this. The definition of the style)
11: Williams Brothers Fraoch Heather Ale (Have a special version in my cellar)
12: Sierra Nevada Torpedo (A classic brewer making a classic beer)
13: Russian River Supplication (Probably my favorite sour ale. That damn good)

I need to review the ones on this list that I have not. You know, to make it official, but they are all some of my top beers. I am sure things may move in or out of this list and I am sure maybe something that I truly love missed the list because I cannot think of it… but we will see. I love the number 13. I can see things changing as time passes and I have taste more beer.


My Top 13 Beers

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