Highland: Kashmir IPA

Something I just noticed, I pretty much have Highlands whole Year Round collection in my cellar at this moment. I did not do this on purpose, not that I would not have if I thought about it. The only one I am missing is the Black Mocha Stout. Expect me to find it and review the others really soon.

When I first had a beer from these guys, I was at Twin City Taps. At that point I knew I had to find them again because they only had two beers at the festival. The Gaelic Ale & The Oatmeal Porter. I was being a little lazy and did not do my full 1001 Beers research at that point. Not that I feel it would have mattered because they were handing out 2oz pours. I have done beers on that size before but figured that some should have a full one devoted to this cause. Or at least a better setting. A flight at the brewery would definitely have been acceptable as a small quantity. Not really at a festival. I spent most of that day talking with different North Carolina people and breweries trying to figure out the scene anyway.

The more recent beer I have had from Highland was in a bad situation as well. While out at the Mellow Mushroom trying to taste the Gaelic Ale again, my order of drink was a mistake. A great time but I killed my palate. I will be revisiting that one as well as drinking the fourth of their year round beers that I have, The St. Terese’s Pale Ale.

That brings us to Kashmir IPA. The first beer in this bunch that I will be properly tasting. The brewers notes.

A full-bodied India Pale Ale. This beer is golden in color with a moderate malty character with full hop flavor true to the classic ale that has traveled on sailing ships from England to India. Bold and brazen.

This IPA is brilliant and bright. Lots of carbonation, as I am sure you can see in the picture. It was just racing out of control until this beer was gone. Pretty rocky head and a faint piney nose. Hard to really get a whiff of this one through the clouds. I wonder if that is how the beer was meant to be? The bottle had no date on it so there was no way to guestimate it’s age.

I thought the body on this beer was more medium than full and well balanced. A nice herbal hop character that finished quite citrusy and dry. All in all, I thought this was just alright. Just the way everything came together I began questioning this ones age. I guess the only way to find out is to have another one. Hopefully find it on draft or when I get out to Asheville try and taste it at the source. Though, I would need a better reason not to try something else.


Highland: Kashmir IPA

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