Foothills: Hoppyum

Foothills is a very unique brewery. I can honestly say that I have never heard of anyone that does beer they way they do. No, I am not talking about things such as Sexual Chocolate. I am talking about them, their philosophy about beer, and the way they serve it. I mean sure, some of it sounds similar, but there is a major kicker.

We believe drinking truly fresh beer is one of the greater pleasures in life. We guarantee that FOOTHILLS beer is as fresh as nature allows because it flows directly from our serving tanks to your glass. You just can’t get beer that taste any fresher.

So, I may have to verify this, but it sounds to me that the beer for consumption at the brewery is all flowing out of a bright tank and into your glass… No keg, No… well, nothing else. I think that is pretty sweet. They even take pride in their food. They have a fancy chef, make their own condiments, use their own beer in several menu items, and the part that again will throw you off because all of the rest sounds common, they make their own pickles! WTF, right? Who does that? A brewery that wants to show they take pride in the full experience while you are dining or having a beer or three at their location.

As you would expect, they take their beer seriously, too. I mean, They have to, right? What kind of brewery would not? Hoppyum IPA

Do you like hops? Our HOPPYUM IPA is full of citrusy American hops with an emphasis on Simcoe hops, an especially pungent hop variety. This brew finishes dry, making it a great session beer to come back to.

So I may or may not have given this beer a very aggressive pour but look at the monster head this Hoppyum put forth! It did leave behind some nice lacing all the way to the end of the glass. Notes of pine, citrus, and a little bit of tropical character comes across in the nose. I found it to be a little resiny and sticky. The earthy flavors and the citrus worked together well as well. It was built on a nice malt background and you get orange rind on a dry finish. There are some sweeter flavors in here that I feel cover up a bit of the bitterness until the finish.

The bottle tells me 78 IBUs and 6.25% where the site claims both of these numbers a little bit lower. When I said this was one of the better IPAs I have had in a long time it was suggested to me that I find the Jade IPA they release… Now my only issue is finding it. Oh where, oh where, can it be…


Foothills: Hoppyum

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