Natty Greene: Southern Pale Ale

Finally back to drinking some NC Beer. Guess I got side tracked with a variety pack I bought and some 1001 Beers fun… I did just buy a New Belgium Folly Pack, though…

The Southern Pale Ale is from Natty Greene’s. I was going on their website trying to find a little bit of information about the brewery but it is kind of a read. I am too lazy for that atm. Maybe when I get out to the brewery I will talk to them and find out some history but reading the first 4 paragraphs of the about us page, I had to stop.

One thing that was easy reading though, was about this beer. Very clean and simple.

medium-bodied, deep golden ale with distinct, bitter character and a hoppy, piney, citrus finish

Let’s see what I though.

I was shocked to see the head on Southern Pale Ale to be off white. Just very unexpected from this golden beer. A pretty big one at that, too. The nose was grassy a tad fruity, and you got some sweetness in it as well. Taking my first sips of this I found it to be very mellow for what I was expecting. Though, it had a nice round bitterness. Some citrus notes, toasty, and finished a little fruity. I thought this beer was a little thin but overall, this beer surprised me. Actually a pretty decent pale ale. One I would get again, that’s for sure.


Natty Greene: Southern Pale Ale

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