SweetWater: Exodus Porter

Last beer of the Tackle Box. Maybe I should actually take one of these things fishing… or find out what is behind all the fishing references on the Sweetwater brand. Which is kind of funny. Remember how the other day I said there is no information about the brewery on their site? Well, I was wrong.

The guys over at the SweetWater Twitter account tweeted me and gave me a direct link to all that I was looking for, How The Water Began To Flow. I completely overlooked this information. +1 for them -1 for me. This was actually a good read. A lot of about us sections on brewery pages are long and drawn out. I tend to lose interest on those pages. This one was short and sweet. Answered everything I was looking for the other day. Maybe I have to take a trip down to Atlanta and learn a bit more about them.

First brewed on Bob Marley’s birthday, This Legend-ary porter initially delivers distinct irie hop notes which transcend into rich waves of chocolate, creating a multidimensional taste experience!

I will take that and raise them! Let us see. It starts out a very dark, deep brown that hardly lets any light through as you put it up and carries a tan head. Big and fluffy. The nose is very roasty and malt forward. You can pick up a nice sweetness in there as well that kind of finishes sour.

The first sips are nice and roasty that is then cut with a bit of residual sweetness and a light bitterness. This beer drank quite a bit lighter than I was expecting. I mean, I was not thinking it would be super thick or anything, it was just kind of lighter than I thought for this style. There was a nice hop bite in the back end it finished like some bittersweet chocolate.

Another decent brew, but I feel the LowRyeDer was probably my favorite in the collection. Totally worth the random pick up.


SweetWater: Exodus Porter

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