Big Boss: Angry Angel

Recently I picked up a lot of local, North Carolina, beers. So this month I will probably get through them all and find some more to try out. Maybe even get to a brewery or two… but we will see.

One I have been wanting to get to for a while was Big Boss Brewing. I believe they have 5 year round beers and quite a few seasonal selections. I had their Monkey Bizz-Ness a while back and thought it was great. Not only was it that beer that got me wanting to check out the rest of their selection, but just the reputation that they carry. They have been around for a while by standard of NC Beer, since 2007 (2006), but a lot of breweries in this area are only a couple years old or younger. There is a lot of change going on in this state, as you may already know.

From their website,

ANGRY ANGEL KÖLSCH-STYLE ALE is a refreshingly pale German style Ale. It is cold-fermented and cold-conditioned to achieve a beautiful balance between biscuit malt flavors and floral hop notes. It is light-bodied and finishes somewhat dry to enhance its easy drinking nature. ABV 4.5% / IBU 20

Kolsch style ales are ones that rank pretty high on my list. The simplicity behind them but the way they are able to do so much when it comes to your emotions. Give a few a try and you will see what I mean.

It poured a nice pale, yellow color with a small white head. Grainy nose with a touch of sweetness. A nice layer of bitterness that had fruity, citrus notes on top of the grainy and herbal character of this beer. There was a slight twang in the finish but it really added. Angry Angel is a quencher and really easy to drink. I can’t wait to see what else Big Boss has to offer on a day to day basis.


Big Boss: Angry Angel

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