1001 Beers: Red Stripe

Beer Number 43: Desnoes & Geddes Red Stripe Lager

I have seen this beer on the shelf for some time. I never had any interest in it and I don’t know anybody that has had it. It’s on the list. Here we go!

Red Stripe is the beer forever associated with the laid-back, easy vibe of Jamaica. The international brand with its distinctive bold horizontal red stripe logo spent its formative years modeled on English ale, a heavy taste that found few friends among the locals. In 1938, Paul H. Geddes, son of the founder, and his colleague Bill Martindale transformed the beer into the now-familiar pale, golden lager. The light texture and crisp, refreshing nature of the beer corresponded perfectly with the scorching Caribbean climate.

For me… Maybe this is good in Jamaica. I would give it another try there but not here. There was caramel bordering toffee in the nose and it was very sweet in the taste. A little bit of… or a lot a bit of aluminum was in this beer. Some toffee and it was lightly bittered with a high carbonation. Again, not my beer.

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1001 Beers: Red Stripe

One thought on “1001 Beers: Red Stripe

  1. I've only had this beer in the summertime and I've always liked it. In fact, I've intentionally bought it. Then again, that was before the craft beer veil was lifted for me.


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