Bells: Oberon Ale

This is one I had a while ago and I thought I posted it but I guess I did not. I came upon the notes the other day while cleaning out drawers so… here it goes.

Oberon Ale

This is a decent summer wheat ale. Before opening it up I thought for sure it was going to be an IPA. Nice & mellow. It has a hazy orange hue and some chunks floating around. Though, that is probably just from a bad pour. The nose is very mellow there are a few distinct fragrances in it… Wish I could remember what I meant by that. The next line goes like this. grapefruit? lingers deep into the finish immediate flavor rush over the whole tongue. Definitely a quencher. Medium mouthfeel and a light hint of bitterness and carb. I rated it a 3/5 on this paper but this sounds like something I want to be drinking now. I halfway remember it but I sold myself on trying it again.


Bells: Oberon Ale

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