1001 Beers: Two Hearted Ale

Beer Number 41: Bells Two Hearted Ale

This is my second experience with Bells Two Hearted Ale. The first time I thought it was just alright and I did not see the hype. This time, I decided I need to have a third experience with it. Is it growing on me? No. Not really. It is good but just another IPA in my eyes. The reason I need to try it again is this…

I was not paying attention. I usually check for dates but this one got passed me. I would not have picked it up otherwise but I just got careless.

Two Hearted was one of the first really hoppy beers to catch fire in the Midwest. With its simple but plentiful charms, it’s as fine an IPA as you can find anywhere. If you’re ever fortunate enough to taste it in its rare cask-conditioned form, you will have something very special in your glass.

Maybe I will hold out on my third tasting of this beer and hope to be able to run into an unadulterated cask of it. We will see…

I did not believe this was a 4 month old bottle when I first cracked it open. Bells says this beer lasts about 6 months, but I am still one for the fresher the better in some styles. A very full hop aroma filled my bar and really caught me off guard. I figured by this time the aroma would be really subdued and nonspecific. I could pick out some grapefruit but other than that it was just grassy. I feel more would have came through fresh. It had some real power.

Two Hearted was quite tropical and had a good level of bitterness. Sweet oranges on top of a fairly malty body that lingered on for quite some time. A nice bite of alcohol and finishes dry and herbal. Again, nice ale and I would drink it again. I will even make sure it is fresh next time.

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1001 Beers: Two Hearted Ale

2 thoughts on “1001 Beers: Two Hearted Ale

  1. I have had this beer so many times… living in Indiana it was pretty much a staple. Was never impressed by it. I consider most Bell's beers a good place for someone to start with craft beer when wanting to see what good craft beer is supposed to taste like.


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