1001 Beers: Storm King

Beer Number 38: Victory Storm King

Everyone seems to love Storm King. This is just another first in my Victory beer exploration. There are still a couple I need to find for this series, I believe Hop Devil & Prima Pils but this is a stop along the way. Golden Monkey was the first one I liked but something seemed off in the last bottle I had.

This bottle says best by April 09 2017. I am thinking I should put one away until or afterward then to put it to the test. I considered holding onto this one but that does not give me a baseline for future exploration. Might as well jump into this one!

Storm King Imperial Stout started life as a fall seasonal, but fans kept asking for it year-round. Heavily roasted two-row malt and a blend of Pacific Northwest hops give the beer its intense flavor. It’s a big, imposing brew that caused the brewery’s expensive German manufactured malt mill to grind to a halt, literally, when the equipment was first installed in 2004. Victory had to revise its process so that the hard-kilned malt did not render the milling equipment useless. The end result is that Victory has an award-winning ale that makes a bold, classic imperial stout statement and is perfect for supping during a cold winter.

This beer is dark! And the head grew big and fast. Super rocky. You can pick out all of the malt and some dark fruit in the nose. It is very warming as well in there as well. Very sharp and a big hop presence up front and a lot of coffee. Very roasty but the creamyness helps to balance the scales in this one.

It seems that the hops in this beer were very fresh and there were a lot of them. You could even still pick out some pine from their use. A little bittersweet & I get that chocolate covered cherry vibe. Pretty good overall.

I’d give it a 4/5. Though, this is just not my style of Imperial Stout… as I say this though, I keep drinking it and wishing there was more. Is that weird or does it just prove that I can judge a beer without giving into personal biases? Hmm….

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1001 Beers: Storm King

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